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Fresh Violet is a break out rapper and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Her lyrical prowess, slick production and energetic live shows have been capturing the attention of hip hop fans far and wide. Fresh is a truly unique presence in Australia’s music scene. As a producer and musician as well as a rapper, Fresh creates an enigmatic sound all of her own.

Fresh spent many years sharpening her skills before releasing her debut EP 'ACKBARS' on May the 4th, 2018. The project received an enthusiastic response from fans and the media alike. All 6 tracks received airplay across the country including spins on Triple J for 'Headline Level' and 'No Sheep'. Fresh has been referred to as "One of the most promising voices in Aus Hip Hop" by Beat Mag, "One of the most entertaining emcee's on the come-up" by All Aussie Hip Hop and "One of the best in the underground right now" by Triple J.

Fresh is well known and loved for her live shows which she has been touring around Australia. Fresh's versatility, raw power and off-the-wall persona shines through in her performances. Her memorable stage presence has solidified her as a titan among her peers and keeps her in high demand all over the country. She has performed at festivals such as 'The Town', 'Leaps and Bounds Festival', ‘Melbourne Writers Festival’ and ‘Jungle Love’ as well as supporting Hip Hop legends including Snak the Ripper, Butterfingers, Mistress of Ceremony, P.Smurf, Rapaport, N'Fa and many more.

The success of ACKBARS landed Violet a support slot on a three month national tour with the acclaimed rock band Mammal, playing the opening set of each show and joining them on-stage to perform a guest verse to packed venues all around Australia. This tour and the warm reception to her previous singles and EP grew the anticipation for her debut album ‘50 Shades of Violet’ to an all time high. Violet’s fans had been long aware of the self-produced passion project that had been brewing for several years. In October 2018, Fresh Violet released the project to critical acclaim.

The LP is a diverse tapestry of styles and beats that centre around Violet’s journey as a hip hop artist so far. The 12 track project delves far deeper into Violet’s psyche and experiences than any preceding release, establishing her as a multidimensional artist and personality. The different "Shades" explore a broad palette of sub-genres genres of Hip Hop, combining trap, grime, dancehall, boom bap and more into an intensely creative, yet cohesive debut album. Fresh's ability to effortlessly switch between and blend any style of rap and production is earning her high praise from Triple J, community radio, MTV and her loyal fan base.

Violet has just returned from a 21 date national tour as the main support for Butterfingers’ ‘15 Years of Breakfast at Fatboys’ tour and is preparing to release more music very soon.

Photography by @_sams_shots_