50 Shades of Violet (Vinyl)

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Vinyl preorder for web.png

50 Shades of Violet (Vinyl)


Fresh Violet’s debut album “50 Shades of Violet” on purple wax

Printed in Australia by Zenith Records

Side A

  1. Different

  2. Gangsta

  3. Left Right (feat. Vida Sunshyne)

  4. Northside

  5. Natural Born Killers (feat. Mr. Ruckman)


Side B

  1. Ask Vizzy

  2. Three Stripes (feat. P.Smurf)

  3. Little Blue Dot (feat. Menz & Vida Sunshyne)

  4. Knock On Wood (feat. Lady Lash)

  5. Breakfast

This website ships to Australia only. Please email vizzy@freshvizzy.com to arrange international orders 💜

  1. Bubblegum (Live acoustic)

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